Artist statement

My art practice draws on l’écriture féminine; a textual practice rooted in the thinking of Hélène Cixous, Luce Irigaray and Julia Kristeva to open up spaces for marginalised subjectivities in language and culture.

Through a reflexive and entangled relation between the textual and the painterly, my art practice seeks to develop a poetic and intermaterial understanding of abstract painting. In doing so, it aims to reconceptualise and negotiate the binary thinking and conventions inherent in Modernist abstraction as embedded in contemporary painting practice. Rather than a focus on inbetweenness per se, my practice seeks to reshape elements of binary thinking to enable non-representational articulations of difference in conceptual, visual, painterly and material terms.

My work takes the form of often hybrid work such as paintsculpstallations, textstallations, book-paintings and painting-poems. I also create hybrid ‘academic’ outputs which trouble dualistic relations between theory and practice.