PhD research: 'writing//painting; l'écriture féminine and difference in the making', (2013)

My PhD research examined the extent to which l'écriture féminine can provide possibilities to consider difference and the 'feminine' in abstract painting. This sought to move on from previous engagement with l'écriture féminine in which artists developed a 'feminine' abstract painting practice to challenge the perceived masculine conventions of Modernist abstraction which I argued was problematic as it represented the 'feminine' through a visual aesthetic, maintaining binary thinking and running the risk of essentialism and universalisim.  

I put forward a new theory and practice of peinture féminine to reconceptualise abstract painting as a heterogeneous spatiality comprising multiple shifting spaces continuously in becoming. I argued that the unfolding of the internal structuration of abstract painting, enables the enfolding of the 'feminine' through the interplay of three elements that I developed from l'écriture féminine: quasacles, the poetic and the intermaterial. 

My research centred on what I termed a 'writing//painting' approach. Rather than the textual being transposed into abstract painting which has previously resulted in attempts to translate l'écriture féminine into painting, the textual and the painterly are instead entangled in a dialogic interrelation allowing elements to manifest through material thinking and be articulated through various strategies such as art-writing.


Current research

My current research focuses on three interrelated strands:

  • - Non-representational articulations of difference in painting through a focus on poetics, modes of looking, intersubjectivity and artistic transference
  • - Ontological and epistemological considerations of art practice research, Fine Art doctoral study and interrelations between theory and practice
  • - Art & Design doctoral student experience and pedagogy, with an emerging focus on para-academia and creative identity